We have a couple of ways for people to help us out, aside from purchasing at our shop, and making donations.  Foster homes are always welcome. You can state whether you are available for short, long term foster, or sanctuary rats.  You can say if you can only take boys, girls, oldies, pregnant, whatever! The expectation on fosters is to follow our policies,  help socialise if necessary, take photos, track progress, and work with us to rehome. NZRR will provide the necessary equipment, pay vet bills, and send food. 

Sanctuary rats are those that cannot be rehomed. Reasons vary-they may be unwell, aggressive, or too old. These stay in care with NZRR for the length of their lives. All their requirements are paid for. 

We don’t often get rats that need long term care, but having willing fosters is never a bad thing!

We also like to have people that can help with transport. Perhaps you aren’t in a position to have rat residents, but are able to take rats from A to B. NZRR will reimburse petrol costs for travel.