Our Causes

Our Purpose

The purpose of the NZRR is to help home needy rats and educate the public about them as pets, in particular by:

  • Providing foster care for rats where their previous owners are unwilling or unable to care for them anymore.
  • Provide vet care when needed and socialise rats so they are fit for new permanent homes.
  • Using the internet (website/Facebook) and other methods adopt out rats to suitable permanent homes.
  • Provide ongoing support for people who adopt rats from the rescue.
  • Run events to raise the profiles and knowledge of pet rats in New Zealand

NZRR Rehoming Process

Once people contact us – either via our facebook page or the website, we start by asking them to send a blurb about the rats they are rehoming. We post this to the facebook page. It has a large audience, and rats have an excellent chance of finding a new home fast – often in under a week.  We can help interested people to contact the rehomer directly.

On the odd occasion a suitable home isn’t found, we do our best to find a foster home in the region.

In emergency situations, when rats need a safe place ASAP, we contact foster homes or our centres immediately.


We have a couple of ways for people to help us out, aside from purchasing at our shop, and making donations.  Foster homes are always welcome. You can state whether you are available for short, long term foster, or sanctuary rats.  You can say if you can only take boys, girls, oldies, pregnant, whatever! The expectation on fosters is to follow our policies, help socialise if necessary, take photos, track progress, and work with us to rehome. NZRR will provide the necessary equipment, pay vet bills, and send food.

We don’t often get rats that need long term care, but having willing fosters is never a bad thing!

We also like to have people that can help with transport. Perhaps you aren’t in a position to have rat residents, but are able to take rats from A to B. NZRR will reimburse petrol costs for travel.

Sanctuary Rats

Sanctuary rats are those that cannot be rehomed. Reasons vary – they may be unwell, aggressive, or too old. These stay in care with NZRR for the length of their lives. All their requirements are paid for and given as much love as they can handle.